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Choose our law firm for mediation and real estate law help.

At Triple C Mediation, our mediation firm is run by a practicing lawyer, Justin Ckezepis. By having knowledge about the legal aspect of dispute resolution, as well as extensive experience with mediation, we have a unique ability to help opposing parties resolve issues and explore the option of coming to a mutually beneficial agreement.

Law Firm in Huntersville, North Carolina

Our law firm serves Huntersville, North Carolina and the surrounding Lake Norman area, and we are happy to hear your case and formally proceed with the mediation aspect. Mediation can often help solve disputes when the following factors are present:

  • You and the other party are having a hard time resolving a dispute because of an unwillingness to confront each other.
  • There are strong relationship barriers between you and the other party preventing you from coming to a resolution.
  • You want to preserve the working relationship you have with the other party.

Mediation conferences are unlike formal trials or hearings to declare a winner and loser. Rather, mediation is designed to facilitate open discussions where both parties can explore mutually acceptable solutions to their conflict and civil case. Although mediation proceedings are less formal than trials, they are still legal proceedings guided by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission and the North Carolina Supreme Court.

We will provide proactive, diligent, and unwavering attention to your case, so you can decide how to proceed. Reach out to our law firm today to find out how we can help you resolve disputes and move forward with your business initiatives.

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