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Not every major dispute has to go to a courtroom.

When you get into a dispute with another party, you may immediately picture yourself bringing the issue to court. Although many civil disputes do end up going to court, you must first undergo the mediation process to explore the option for a resolution.

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Huntersville, North Carolina

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that looks like this:

  • Both parties agree on a neutral, third-party mediator who will oversee the process.
  • Each side presents evidence about the case to the mediator.
  • The mediator and the parties involved will present options and alternatives for solving the dispute.
  • If a settlement can be reached, the opposing parties discuss the terms and put this agreement in writing.

Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution designed to preserve the relationship between opposing parties. It is also completely private and confidential and can be done on a flexible timeline to allow for greater efficiency.

Choose us at Triple C Mediation to be your mediator when you need to engage in this form of alternative dispute resolution. We serve businesses and individuals in Huntersville, North Carolina that need a neutral, fair, and experienced mediator to help them through the dispute resolution process.

We always work evenly with both parties to facilitate open communication and explore the option of a fair, viable agreement. To find out more about mediation and why this form of alternative dispute resolution is beneficial, reach out to us today.