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Find common ground with an opposing party.

When you get into an argument, you may try to see the other party’s side to come to a solution. But some issues are so complex that a civil suit needs to occur to resolve the problem. At Triple C Mediation, our dispute resolution firm serves Huntersville, North Carolina and the surrounding Lake Norman area, and we can help you resolve disputes with other parties in an environment geared toward coming to a mutually beneficial resolution.

Dispute Resolution in Huntersville, North Carolina

As your mediator, we will work impartially with everyone involved with your dispute. All discussions will occur in a confidential setting to help both parties explore the option of a constructive solution that meets everyone’s needs and real interests. Our role is to enable you and everyone involved in the dispute to engage in an effective negotiation while seeking to understand, narrow, and if possible, resolve the dispute through an agreeable settlement.

Although dispute resolution is often viewed as a “soft” method for resolving problems, this does not mean the road to a resolution is any less challenging than issues resolved and finalized in a court of law. Although conversations are always respectful and dignified, the ensuing process can be challenging and rigorous as issues are worked through and ideas are challenged with the guidance of one of our skilled mediators.

Remain in control of how to settle problems and move forward. Contact us today to set up a dispute resolution consultation or to find out more about our approach to helping our commercial clients resolve issues.


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