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The sensible means for resolving contract disputes.

Developing contracts has become increasingly complex and litigious. You may try to cover your interests with extremely long contracts that attempt to place complete responsibility on the other party. The party you enter into a contract with may react by adding pages and pages of classifications and exceptions to the terms and conditions you propose.

Contract Mediation in Huntersville, North Carolina

Although developing contracts has never been simple, it has become even harder over the years as businesses have had to rely more and more on legalistic maneuvering to try and control risk. Because of this, it is almost accepted that contract issues will arise at some point, and if you end up in the middle of a contract dispute, you may believe an agreement will only result after a lengthy litigation process.

However, contract mediation offers a beneficial route for working through issues and is a process where disputants (instead of lawyers) maintain control over the resolution process, including the outcome. At Triple C Mediation, we recognize the growing need for contract mediation and are here to serve as your mediation partner in Huntersville, North Carolina and the Lake Norman area.

We will work diligently to identify and institute ways to help you and the opposing party air your grievances and determine if you can come to an agreement that works for both of you. Even if you feel like the contract issues you are working through are so complex or emotional that finalizing the dispute in court is inevitable, contract mediation can narrow the issues and make the impending legal process less arduous. For additional information about our role in the contract mediation process, reach out to us today.