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Benefit from mediation to solve construction disputes.

Construction projects require the talents and input of many parties. Since so many contractors, subcontractors, and tradesmen are often involved with any given project, it is almost inevitable that a dispute will arise at some point. When that happens, construction mediation can help you work through these issues in a dignified, private environment where you remain in control of the final resolution.

Construction Mediation in Huntersville, North Carolina

At Triple C Mediation, we can open up a contract mediation discussion between you and others involved in the dispute. As the mediator, we remain a neutral third party that gives each side the opportunity to explain their position and their desired outcome. We listen to both sides equally and allow both parties to come to a mutually beneficial agreement, if possible. These conversations are informal, and although the settlements are nonbinding, the construction mediation process is often preferrable to fully resolving the issue in court.

Whatever issue you want to resolve, we ask that you begin the construction mediation process with an open mind, willing to cooperate and actively work towards a settlement. Mediation can be significantly less expensive than resolving the issue in court and can take less time as long as you are willing to commit to an open dialogue and work with the opposing party to come up with a solution.

Resolve your construction dispute, preserve the relationship with the other party, and allow your project to move forward by choosing us as your mediator in Huntersville, North Carolina or the surrounding Lake Norman area. Schedule a consultation with us to discover how mediation can help your situation.