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Work through a workplace dispute with mediation.

Disputes in the workplace are almost inevitable when you bring a group of individuals with different backgrounds and skillsets together. Although most disputes can be resolved with your involvement or with your HR department’s oversight, there may come a day when a major disagreement must be resolved with the help of an additional party.

Workplace Mediation in Huntersville, North Carolina

If you are involved in a workplace mediation case that looks like it could go to court, you must first undergo the mediation process. At Triple C Mediation, we can act as your mediator in Huntersville, North Carolina and help you explore the possibility of resolving the issue without escalating to more lengthy and costly court involvement. We are neutral, unbiased, experienced, and dedicated to providing you and the opposing party with a fair outcome.

Workplace mediation is a beneficial place to start when you need to resolve an issue because it provides an intervention option that allows you to work on resolving issues before they deteriorate or escalate further. Mediation is also completely confidential and private, and it can be completed within a reasonably short timeframe. Not only will you have the opportunity to understand the source of the conflict, but you can establish an ongoing framework for a future relationship.

Workplace mediation can be an empowering process that preserves relationships and effectively promotes a viable dispute resolution. We can answer any questions you have about the workplace mediation process, so call us today to get started.