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Resolve business issues with an effective mediator.

Flexible, confidential, and voluntary, commercial mediation can be an effective form of dispute resolution. This process is overseen by a neutral third party who helps the opposing groups work towards a settlement that resolves the dispute. The two parties involved maintain power over whether or not to settle and on what terms to settle, if any. Unlike if the case ends in litigation, where a judge oversees the situation, the mediator will not make a final decision, but will help facilitate a beneficial agreement between both parties.

Commercial Mediation in Huntersville, North Carolina

At Triple C Mediation, commercial mediation is one of our areas of focus. We help small, medium-sized, and large business in Huntersville, North Carolina and the Lake Norman area work towards agreements and settlements (if possible) that preserve their business interests while also helping them avoid the lengthy and expensive extent of the litigation process.

In North Carolina, mediation is required in civil cases, so whether you are involved in a property dispute, a case of professional negligence, commercial contract issues, consumer/fair trading, and any other situation in which two parties are at odds with each other, mediation can help you explore the option of coming to an agreement.

As your mediator, we promise to remain unbiased and to employ strategies that promote effective dispute resolution, so your business can determine if you can come to a mutually beneficial settlement with the other party involved. Schedule a consultation to discuss your dispute or contract issue with us by contacting us today.


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