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Resolve real estate issues through arbitration.

The real estate industry traditionally relies on negotiations to come to solutions. But if these negotiations fail, another form of dispute resolution may be needed, such as arbitration. Real estate arbitration is a legal technique that refers to resolving issues outside of the court system.

Real Estate Arbitration in Huntersville, North Carolina

Many people in the real estate industry here in Huntersville, North Carolina choose arbitration to resolve conflicts instead of relying on the mediation process. Mediation can only convince opposing parties to discuss their differences and come to an agreement through the guidance of a neutral third party, or mediator. In comparison, arbitration is still overseen by a neutral third party, but the arbitrator has the authority to come to a legally binding decision after reviewing the evidence and arguments of both sides.

At Triple C Mediation, our dispute resolution firm is prepared to help with your real estate arbitration case. We are a preferred arbitrator for many brokerages and real estate firms throughout the area, thanks to our unwavering fairness and neutrality. We completely review all evidence and testimonies presented during the arbitration process to come to fair and legally binding final decisions.

Real estate arbitration is a viable option if a dispute arises within your real estate business and you need a formal, legally binding process to resolve the issue. Contact us today to discuss why you should choose us as your preferred arbitrator and to learn more about our experience in the real estate industry.