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Resolve construction disputes through arbitration.

When you picture the dispute resolution process, you may envision a formal court trial with a jury, judge, and lawyers present. But there are many forms of dispute resolution used in the construction industry today, one of which is arbitration.

Construction Arbitration in Huntersville, North Carolina

Construction arbitration involves settling a dispute but without the involvement of the court system. Either in a contract before any dispute arises or in an agreement formed after a dispute occurs, two parties agree to solve their dispute through arbitration rather than bringing their lawsuit to court. By consenting to arbitration, those involved give the arbitrator the power to make a decision regarding the obligations and rights of both parties. In most cases, the decision made by the arbitrator is legally binding.

Today, most standardized construction contracts include a clause requiring the use of arbitration in the event of a dispute. The main advantage of this format is that for most cases, the process is quick and relatively straightforward. A decision on the case can be issued quickly, and the process itself is generally informal.

If your construction contract requires arbitration or you are interested in resolving your case through arbitration, at Triple C Mediation, we can act as a neutral, reasonable arbitrator. We help construction companies throughout the Huntersville, North Carolina area solve disputes in an unbiased and fair environment.

We would be happy to tell you more about why you should work with us during the construction arbitration process. For additional information about our dispute resolution firm, contact us today.