Commercial Arbitration, Huntersville, NC

Settle disputes with the help of a neutral arbitrator.

When you get into a dispute with another party, it is hard to come to a resolution without involvement from a third party. The commercial arbitration process gives you the opportunity to resolve disputes with the help of an arbitrator, who is selected and then approved by both parties. If you choose to move forward with commercial arbitration, you and the opposing party both agree in advanced that the decision of the arbitrator will be final and binding.

Commercial Arbitration in Huntersville, North Carolina

If you are looking for an experienced, neutral commercial arbitrator in the Huntersville, North Carolina area, turn to us at Triple C Mediation. Our mediation and arbitration firm has overseen many commercial cases and come to an unbiased decision about how to resolve these cases. We are fair, impartial, and committed to coming to a verdict that benefits all parties involved as much as possible.

During the commercial arbitration process, you must submit to the rules you agreed to in the arbitration agreement. If you did not develop one of these agreements, the procedure will be determined by the arbitrator overseeing the process. Either way, we promise to conduct hearings on the basis of equality, providing everyone involved with a fair chance.

The next time you have a business dispute to resolve, choose us as your arbitrator to help you work towards a viable solution. For more information about what the commercial arbitration process looks like and how we can help, contact us today.