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Settle your next business dispute through arbitration.

A few decades ago, arbitration was a common process primarily used to solve union disputes. But today, it is becoming more and more common as a dispute resolution method in the business world. Business arbitration is often used to solve disputes relating to employment contracts, retail contracts, credit card agreements, and other issues.

Business Arbitration in Huntersville, North Carolina

Business arbitration is an alternative form of dispute resolution, often initiated in place of the litigation process. The main differences between litigation and business arbitration involve the actual processes themselves and the final decisions made by the arbitrator. Although both are formal legal processes, arbitration can result in a shorter settlement time.

During the business arbitration process, you agree to bring your dispute before a neutral third party with the goal of coming to a resolution. The parties involved select their arbitrator who oversees the evidence both parties present, and then the arbitrator provides their final opinion. In many cases, the decision the arbitration makes is binding.

At Triple C Mediation, we oversee business arbitration cases in the Huntersville, North Carolina area. As highly qualified, experienced arbitrators, we will view your case from an unbiased point of view, coming to a final decision only after we examine all possible perspectives and all presented evidence.

Learn more about why you should entrust your business dispute to us by contacting us today. We have managed and settled many business disputes through arbitration, and we promise a fair, neutral process from start to finish.


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