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Our mediation firm is overseen by a practicing lawyer.

The mediator you hire matters. You need someone who is ethical, unbiased, and able to keep difficult conversations on track and geared towards solutions. At Triple C Mediation, we are that mediator. Justin Ckezepis, a practicing lawyer, oversees our mediation firm that serves Huntersville, North Carolina and the Lake Norman area. He has earned his Mediator Certification and has tremendous experience helping commercial clients resolve issues with clients, suppliers, business partners, employees, and other parties.

About Triple C Mediation in Huntersville, North Carolina

There are six steps to formal mediation that we follow when we take on new cases:

  1. Introductory remarks
  2. Statement of the problem made by both parties
  3. Information gathering
  4. Problem identification
  5. Bargaining and option generation
  6. Agreement finalization

Before you start the mediation process as part of your civil case, we can consult with you about the situation surrounding the disagreement and discuss how the process may be able to produce the results you are hoping for. This consultative approach helps you know what to expect as the mediation process ensues and set up your issue for optimal resolution success.

Our goal is to help you and the other party involved work cooperatively in a way that preserves your relationship, effectively solves the problem, and helps you avoid significant court costs and legal fees. We are willing to work with you on a singular-case basis or become the primary mediator your business chooses for resolving problems. Find out more about our advantageous approach to the mediation process and how we can help you work through business-related issues by contacting us today.